Unleashing the Power of Linerless Labels: Sustainable Solutions and Business Advantages

The linerless label revolution is witnessing a significant surge in popularity as more label printers and converters embrace the numerous benefits offered by this innovative labeling solution. Linerless labels, which eliminate the need for a release liner, have gained traction due to their eco-friendly attributes, cost-effectiveness, and versatility.

While packaging is often seen as wasteful, self-adhesive labels offer a unique solution. These labels provide product protection and serve as an extension of a brand’s identity while minimising material usage. With their efficient application and versatile design, self-adhesive labels reduce the need for excessive packaging, contributing to waste reduction efforts.

One of the key driving factors behind the increasing demand for linerless labels is their sustainability. By using less material and eliminating the release liner, these labels contribute to environmental conservation efforts. Moreover, linerless labels offer a lower cost per label, higher label quantities per reel, and reduced overall waste, making them a compelling choice for companies looking to align with sustainable practices while optimizing their operational costs. In addition to their environmental advantages, linerless labels also transform the way printers and converters conduct business. Rather than relying on external suppliers for raw materials, more industry players are opting to manufacture their own labelstock, enabling greater flexibility and independence in meeting diverse label requirements. This shift opens up new opportunities in various sectors, including weigh scaling, logistics, and fast-food applications, which are significant markets within the linerless label industry.
Leading the way in linerless label production is ETI, a globally recognized Canadian company known for its cutting-edge inline printing, silicone/adhesive coating, and converting equipment. Their range of machines, such as LinerO and Cohesio, offers customizable features like pattern coating stations and water-based acrylic adhesives, catering to different label printing and converting needs. ETI’s equipment allows label printers and converters to control the entire manufacturing process, ensuring precise coat weight, compatibility with printers/applicators, strong label adherence, and the ability to print on both sides of the facestock.

Investing in the future, more industry players are recognizing the long-term benefits of manufacturing linerless labels. This strategic move not only enables label converters to expand their product portfolio but also enhances their ability to serve existing clients while attracting new business across diverse markets. With their expertise and insights, ETI is well-positioned to assist label converters in maximizing their potential in the linerless label revolution.

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