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FAQ Printing Systems

This is a printer that prints on labels that have a thermal coating or uses a thermal ribbon to print on the labels. Please view our video to see at thermal printer in action.

Thermal printers are designed to print on labels which are on a roll. This is done by using a thermal ribbon or using label stock which reacts to temperature from the thermal print-head of the printer

The printer normally comes with free limited software to get you started which is designed for label printing. The software in loaded on to your PC and easy to use.

They are very cost effective and should help to improve operational efficiencies as they can be operated in the work area and not confined to the office.

The printer has a small foot print and can work in a chilled environment, this means the printer can operate in an environment of -2degrees C

Turn off the printer – Hold down the Feed Button (on top of the printer). Keeping your finger on the Feed Button turn on the printer. When the button flashes red 4 times take your finger off and the printer will calibrate itself. Send a job to the printer to see if this has worked. You may have to repeat the process more than once before the calibration is complete.

Turn off the printer for 5 seconds. Then turn it back on. Click on the printer icon (or go to File – select print) Select Document Properties – Select Stock – Ensure the following two settings are selected

Answer: Turn off the printer for 5 seconds. Turn it back on. Click on start button on the desktop. Select Printer Devices – Right click on your printer – select properties – Make sure the printer is On-line – Click on Ports – Ensure the printer is on the correct port. You may have to try two or three different ports before you find the correct one.

Double click on the date field – click on data source – change the offset date to the number required – click Save.

Double Click on the Barcode Icon above the label on screen. Click on Symbology – Select Ean 13 – Enter the barcode numbers in the data field – only enter the for 12 digits as the software will calculate the 13th (check digit) and include it in the barcode for you.

FAQ Design Services

Yes, the colour chosen for labels is very personable is usually influenced by the product it is going on. Consultation with our graphic artist and discussion will help deliver the best option.

Choosing your colours is greatly influenced by the market in which you compete. It is worth checking out the competition and talking to us.

Example: If your product is a luxury type of chocolate then using a mass of yellow and red on the label will not convey this to potential customers. Colours here would be rich and soft to create a sense of quality. If you are marketing a low cost product in a very competitive market then you need to bright cheerful colours to convey value for money.Good labelling sells, but good labels need to be carefully designed.

Coloured labels are required if you want to:

a. use a picture on a label

b. if you require a more decorative label

c. the company logo is required

d. draw attention to you product

Normally this would take 2 to 3 weeks. As proofs would be generated and trialled to see how the label looks on the product. If there are a family of labels required then this would take longer as consistency throughout the range would need to be managed

Yes. This is the starting point before we put pen to paper. It helps us to get an understanding of what the customer requires and gives us an insight into what message needs to be communicated to the buyer.

As we have 5 sales reps on the road covering Ireland we can arrange an appointment to call an discuss your labelling requirements.
Can I see some examples of your labels?
Answer: You can visit our website: www.mlslabels.com and view label samples.

Starting at €125 to €1,250. Depends if you want a complete new design and or logo to help build your brand.
How quickly can I have anew labels designed and printed?
Answer: After sign off of all artwork we can deliver your labels in 5 working days.

Yes. Your label helps sell your product so it is important customers can identify with it. If they like your product then they will recognise it (and hopefully buy it) by the branding and logo on the label.

Good labelling will help you sell more products. It is your way of communicating with the customer. It’s your silent salesman. Last chance to speak to the custoemr before they buy yours or someone else’s. Make sure you use it to its full potential.

FAQ Labelling Solutions

If sales of your products has dropped then revamping you labels can help drive sales. If your labels are not sticking properly in a freezer environment the we can suggest alternative adhesives to use.

With the ever constant changes going on in labelling regulations everyone in the food industry need real solutions. Be it new software to print labels – Special adhesives to operate in cold environments – or printing systems for to increase operational efficiency.

Our printing systems are in all the major retail stores in Ireland and the reliability and nationwide service we give make us a leader in our fie


It give them control over their labelling; Reduces label waste; Improves operational efficiency; Allows them to run their own in-store promotions.

Answer: We supply to Meat Processors, Bakeries and Logistic companies who use both our Printing Systems and labels. We call to our customers on a 6 week journey cycle ensuring customer are being looked after.

As we are the only labelling company in Ireland with 5 reps on the road we provide a first class service. B2B customers value our service as we supply both the labels and printing systems to meet their needs.

This can only be determined by a site visit. Our customers seem to appreciate our team visiting personally and not just trying to solve problems over the phone.

This is best done by a site visit. Seeing where the labels are being applied and the environment of the operation allows to give recommendations and do trials to resolve issues.

Using one of our printing system is a very cost effective way of reducing costs as you only print labels you want to use, and you don’t have to hold large volumes of stock of different types of labels.

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