Range of Label Printers & Scales

Modern Labelling Systems Ireland can provide you the most suitable Thermal Label Printer or combination Printer & Weighing Scales for your business.

We also offer complete Traceability Management Systems.

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Thermal Printers

Thermal printers fall into two categories:

1. Standalone whereby no computer is needed when using the printer.

2. Permanent connection to a PC using a version of the Microsoft package.

We supply a complete range of thermal printers which are thermal direct (which print directly onto pre-treated thermal paper) and also thermal transfer. The Thermal transfer printing system prints via a thermal ribbon onto standard vellum paper. While both thermal and thermal transfer do the same job, thermal transfer has the advantage of producing print that has a very long shelf life and does not fade as easily as thermal direct when exposed to direct sunlight. Thermal transfer is now the preferred method of printing for many of the main players involved in the food industry.

MLS Stand-Alone Printers

This printer is exclusively distributed by MLS and provides a standalone operation which is ideal for sandwich and deli departments. In the deli and sandwich market this machine can produce high quality printed labels with auto advance best before dates, barcodes, price and ingredients / cooking instructions. Butchers and abattoirs find this an extremely useful and versatile machine for traceability and pre packing.

Since the machine is standalone it can be moved from department to department with no fuss or need for future set up. MLS Stand-Alone also prints promotion and special offer labels all at the touch of a button.  Its small and compact size belies its great versatility and reliability in producing high print quality at an impressive speed. This machine takes labels to a max of 50 mm wide. MLS also provide pre-printed labels for this machine which include the customer logo name and address, telephone number etc. All other variable information is printed directly by the printer.

Why go to the expense of buying a computer and separate printer when the HT200e can do all in one onsite application? This also reduces the need for office staff to be disturbed by others looking to use the computer to print labels. For the discerning pre-packer this machine is like no other and offers all the benefits of a much bigger machine.

The MLS Mach 1 Thermal Printer

This Thermal printer, which works in conjunction with a computer or standalone (depending on application), is an extremely effective printer for the medium to large bakery or food producer. It differs from the MLS Stand-Alone printer in that it takes labels up to 100mm wide. It can also facilitate labels of different shapes and sizes. Very high quality printing with facilities for barcoding, best before dates, ingredients and pricing are all easily achieved on this machine. When used with a laptop or office computer the facility to store labels in separate files makes for easy access and user friendliness.


Sato FX 3 Printer

MLS labels introduce the new versatile all in one touchscreen and printer, the Sato FX 3. 

Swing Ticket Printer

Introducing the new standalone swing ticket printer. This system makes markdown pricing easy for your stuff and easy to read for your customers.

The MLS PrintMaster is a Scales system design specifically for the Pre-Pack Market. It incorporates a Scales with a Touch-Screen computer to deliver an easy to use variable weight system that prints up to 100mm in width, as well as printing circular and oval labels.

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