Linerless labels, also known as liner-free labels, are labels that do not have a backing paper or liner. Unlike standard labels that require a liner for easy peeling and adhesion, linerless labels have a silicone release coating on the top layer and a special adhesive that allows them to function without a separate liner.

  1. Waste reduction: Linerless labels eliminate the need for liners, reducing disposal costs and environmental impact.

  2. More labels per roll: Linerless label rolls contain 50% more labels, saving on transportation and storage costs.

  3. Improved productivity: With fewer roll changes, downtime is reduced, leading to increased manufacturing efficiency.

  4. Faster processing: Linerless labels eliminate the extra steps of peeling and disposing of liners, resulting in faster processing times.
  1. Cost savings: Linerless labels are lighter, reducing shipping and storage costs. Additionally, the absence of liners reduces disposal expenses.
  2. Safety benefits: Linerless rolls minimize workplace hazards associated with liner accumulation.
  3. Size and application flexibility: Linerless labels offer printing flexibility for varying label lengths and can be used in diverse industries.
  4. Compatibility considerations: It’s important to ensure compatibility between linerless labels and your printers, as specialized equipment may be required.
  5. Print performance: Linerless labels often require higher print darkness settings and thorough testing to ensure optimal print quality and durability.

By considering these factors and addressing the challenges associated with implementing linerless solutions.

You can enjoy the advantages they offer in terms of efficiency, cost savings, and environmental impact.

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