Meat and Fish Processors


Labels for the meat industry require great attention to detail due to the special requirements presented in this area. The critical question in this regard is the particular application. What exactly are the labels being applied to and at what temperature?


Specific adhesives are required for different temperatures. If for example the product is going into a deep freezer the adhesive would need to facilitate a temperature as low as minus 20 to 40 degrees.  If labels are being applied under wet or damp conditions a wet pack adhesive would be the ideal in this regard. Generally chilled cabinets need a medium grade adhesive which is more than adequate. Different packaging can dictate different adhesives and customers should always notify MLS if there is any change to their existing packaging.


Some companies use an automatic print and apply method to apply labels directly and at high speeds, in this regard the adhesive release factor is vital in order to achieve smooth labelling. Consultation before ordering labels in this industry is well worthwhile, especially given the expense and frustration inappropriate adhesives and papers can cause. If any doubt arises please ask to speak to one of Sales Representatives who will advise you in this area.

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