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Can you do colour and /or black and white graphics for labels?
Yes, the colour chosen for labels is very personable is usually influenced by the product it is going on. Consultation with our graphic artist and discussion will help deliver the best option.

What are the best colours to use on labels
Choosing your colours is greatly influenced by the market in which you compete. It is worth checking out the competition and talking to us.

Example: If your product is a luxury type of chocolate then using a mass of yellow and red on the label will not convey this to potential customers. Colours here would be rich and soft to create a sense of quality. If you are marketing a low cost product in a very competitive market then you need to bright cheerful colours to convey value for money.Good labelling sells, but good labels need to be carefully designed.

Why use colour if it’s more expensive?
Coloured labels are required if you want to:

a. use a picture on a label

b. if you require a more decorative label

c. the company logo is required

d. draw attention to you product

How long does it take to have some labels designed?
Normally this would take 2 to 3 weeks. As proofs would be generated and trialled to see how the label looks on the product. If there are a family of labels required then this would take longer as consistency throughout the range would need to be managed

Do you have a briefing document you use with your designer?
Yes. This is the starting point before we put pen to paper. It helps us to get an understanding of what the customer requires and gives us an insight into what message needs to be communicated to the buyer.

Would you have a look at my existing labels and advise me if I need new ones?
As we have 5 sales reps on the road covering Ireland we can arrange an appointment to call an discuss your labelling requirements.
Can I see some examples of your labels?
Answer: You can visit our website: www.mlslabels.com and view label samples.

What’s the ball park cost of designing labels?
Starting at €125 to €1,250. Depends if you want a complete new design and or logo to help build your brand.
How quickly can I have anew labels designed and printed?
Answer: After sign off of all artwork we can deliver your labels in 5 working days.

Should I always add my name and logo to the label?
Yes. Your label helps sell your product so it is important customers can identify with it. If they like your product then they will recognise it (and hopefully buy it) by the branding and logo on the label.

Will new labels help my sales? How?
Good labelling will help you sell more products. It is your way of communicating with the customer. It’s your silent salesman. Last chance to speak to the custoemr before they buy yours or someone else’s. Make sure you use it to its full potential.

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